Илья Лин (aff_tar) wrote,
Илья Лин

Vot takie u nas bagi !

Did you know that a small, percentage of humans have a frequency component in their natural voice, which, when the VoIP AC201/211 and GW232/282 receives it, will be interpreted as a FAX call?

We had 2 complaints from US operators Point1 and Sunrocket (both users of our VoIP equipment), mentioning that 2 ladies using our AC211 claimed that whenever they spoke into their phone, they heard a FAX signal in their receiver. The AC211 was confused by the voice frequency component and thought it was a FAX machine. They got the FAX sound since the AC211 automatically switched to T.38 (FAX compression) mode .

Although we already fixed this extremely strange bug, you must admit it’s one of the the weirdest ones ever!

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