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Опять каникулы...

Dear Students and Faculty,

Considering our present situation, and to allow all of us to still make some
plans for the summer, here are the recent decisions with regards to the "Moed
Aleph" and "Moed Bet" exams schedules and to the summer semester.

"Moed Aleph":

All "Moed Aleph" exams which were to be held in the Technion until August 6
are hereby cancelled.

The cancelled "Moed Aleph" exams will be held from September 1st to
September 21st. We will try to schedule the exams in their same original
order, modulo necessary changes. We will announce the exact dates of the
"Moed Aleph" exams as soon as possible.

"Moed Bet":

There will be no changes in the exam dates of the "Moed Bet" exams. They
will be held from September 26 till October 26, as planned.
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